What is happy tummys?

We are a home grown snacks brand for the entire family founded on the promise to deliver Delicious and Truly Nutritious snacking options that contain No Artificial Flavors, Colors, Preservatives, or Refined Sugars.

Recipes created by a mum and dad team

Kids in our family happen to be the biggest fans of Happy Tummys snack bars. We created these recipes for our son and nephews and nieces. Every bar that is produced in our facility has to be delicious and pure enough for them to enjoy and relish while also providing them the essential nutrition that is sadly missing from today’s diets and snacking options. So go ahead and try them out for your kids and yourselves. Find your favourite flavour and discover a better, more delicious and more nutritious snacking option for the entire family!

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Not a typical granola bar

Our snack bars are soft, chewy and gentle on the tummys. They are easy to digest because the ingredients we use have been chosen keeping kids in mind. Unlike a typical granola bar that is mainly grains and sweeteners, our bars are nutritionally dense with a richer taste.


All Natural

Our goal has always been to keep it simple. We use ingredients that you can actually pronounce and understand!  Achieving taste while never compromising by adding chemicals, flavours, preservatives or refined sugars, is what defines Happy Tummys’ entire team.


Premium Ingredients

We take utmost care in sourcing the best quality ingredients that are available. Whether it is the fresh fruits or the premium nuts and berries, we strive to achieve the balance of flavour and nutrition without ever lowering our quality benchmarks.

Don't take our word for it...

Our family loves your Peanut Raisin and Almond Date Bars. They are the go to snacks not just for our 12-year old son, who snacks on one before his afternoon sports, but also us adults. Great taste, super healthy, just the right amount of sweetness and the perfect size. Finally we have a replacement for Z-bars that we used to have friends and relatives get from the USA.

Puranjaya Singh

While traveling India, we were lucky enough to find these tasty nutritious bars. They were the closest we could find to our Canadian granola/energy bars. They did not have the extra sugar and unhealthy ingredient no one wants. They did the trick to keep our tummies full and healthy while traveling. If visiting India, do yourselves a favor and grab a few boxes of these snacks, you'll not regret it .
By the way, they're not just for kids !!


I am so in love with Happy Tummys. The last time I was travelling I kept a couple of bars in my bag. It's tasty and quite filling. I could easily avoid some unhealthy munching. I also enjoy my happy tummy bar with a glass of milk. The almond date bar tastes awesome when boiled in milk. Yes! It makes delicious porridge too! Keep it up team Happy Tummys!!

Ananya Dasgupta

Love them! It was a Rakhi gift for my nephew and niece because they had loved it the last time they tried our bars. And I mean all 3 flavours.

Dipti Aggarwal

Absolutely love the almond date bars! They're my favourite!! I know they're made from natural ingredients and that makes them even more special! I carry them with me for a quick snack while at work - can't wait for more flavours guys! 👍

Geetanjali Bhatia

Superb product! Ordered all three varieties and got it in less 24 hrs!! Kids loved the flavours and so did we! Thank you Happy Tummys!!

Kapil Bhagia

Excellent and a very fine product!
Beautiful packaging too..
We will most definitely be your regular customers!

Saiba Agarwal

Making Happy, Healthy and Healthy, Fun!

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