Fun at the Milkbasket brunch!

Milkbasket recently organized a Sunday brunch for their select customers and brands. Happy Tummys was there and held an impromptu drawing competition for some ardent little admirers. Aadi, Arshia, and Vriti were the winners with the cutest renditions of happy tummys boxes for which they won their favorite snack bars. 

Presenting the masterpieces from our budding Picassos - 

Aarshia's version of crunchy munchy Almond Date Bars

Vriti's rendition of Happy Tummys stall!

Vriti sketching happy tummys


Here are Aadi's versions of all three boxes. Way to go Aadi!





And now introducing the artistes...drumroll please:



Aarshia drawing crunchy munchy Almond Date snack bars



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