Our Story


The backstory

At happy tummys™ our goal is to make snacking nutritious as well as fun for the little tummys.

The idea for happy tummys™ was born out of our never ending quest to find healthy and preservatives free snacks for our little one. While we found a host of healthy snacking options for kids during our international travels, nothing comparable was available back home. Whatever was available contained high artificial sugars, sodium, and preservatives.

Fed up of our constant struggle and seeing our numerous other friends with kids going through the same predicament too, we decided to launch our venture with the mission to provide delicious, nutritious, and preservative free snacks for the little ones.

After an extensive research phase involving our panel of moms and nutritionists and rigorous testing in NABL accredited labs as per FSSAI standards, the first product line is ready to make it to your homes. We hand make small batches of products in our FSSAI certified manufacturing facility and take pride in every bar that we ship for our little customers. 

So, select from our range of yummy, nutritious snack bars and become a part of the happy tummys™ family. Of course, this is just the beginning and there are many more exciting snacks that we will launch soon.

Thank you and we look forward to having you and your little ones become a part of this journey that has just begun.

Divya & Rajat


Meet the Team

Divya is the passionate mum and the chef extraordinaire responsible for inventing and producing the delicious snacks under happy tummys brand. As a certified foodie she has traveled the world extensively and has been exposed to many different cultures and cuisines. She firmly believes that her determination to provide the right nutrition for her son has ultimately helped her find her mission of promoting healthy eating habits for kids. She is constantly juggling between inventing new recipes and recreating the old classics to ensure her 2.5 year old gets optimum nutrition.

In per past life she completed her Masters in Communication Design with a specialization in Branding from the Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia. Her interests range anywhere from working in visual arts to coming up with new ways of keeping her 2.5 year old son entertained. These days her favorite activity is to bounce around the house singing ‘wheels on the bus go round and round’ and oh…that needs to be recreated too… demands the 2.5 year old! Of course it does..!

Rajat is responsible for keeping the lights on and creating the platform that enables the happy tummys team to fulfill their mission of getting all the healthy treats to more and more kids across the country. A greenie with a deep love for food, world traveler, and a passionate father, he has always had a strong interest in nutrition and healthy eating.

In his past life, he was crunching numbers in a Business Finance role at the corporate headquarters of the world’s largest ecommerce company in Seattle. Before that he completed his MBA from University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and MS in Sustainable Energy Systems from the University’s School of Natural Resources and Environment. The program was administered under the prestigious Erb Institute of Global Sustainable Enterprise. 

When not working he can be found around the house getting silly with his 2.5 year old, reading books, or swimming.