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Healthy Snacks for Happy Families

Introducing...happy tummys™!! A home grown snack brand founded by a mom and pop team on a mission to provide yummy and nutritious snacking options made from natural ingredients and containing zero preservatives or yucky chemicals. 

Our first product line of healthy snack bars has been developed after extensive research with our panel of moms & nutritionists and has undergone rigorous testing in a NABL accredited lab as per FSSAI standards. We hand make small batches in our FSSAI certified manufacturing facility with premium quality ingredients and take pride in every bar that we ship for our little customers!

Launched in three delicious flavors, these bars are a perfect choice to satisfy the little tummys and help moms (and dads!) by taking the guesswork out of finding snacking options that are nutritious as well as delicious. At school or home, playground or playdates, going zoom zoom in the car or traveling on vacation, these bars are the perfect on-the-go snack! So go ahead and order some today from our store and be a part of our journey that has just begun.